Asymmetric simple exclusion processes (ASEP) are stochastic lattice models of particles entering, hopping and leaving the lattice, with hard core interaction between them.

- Central limit theorem

Central limit theorem states that sum of independent and identically distributed random numbers approach a Gaussian distribution.

- Cython

Cython is an attempt to make a superset of python which has the high level coolness of python along with the speed of C.

- Data analysis

Some basic data analysis using python has been discussed here.

- Gray-Scott reaction–diffusion model

Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems.

- Ising model

Here, Ising model is simulated using Monte Carlo algorithm. Also, discussed is the corresponding hydrodynamic model.

- ODEs

Some techniques to solve ordinary differential equations in python.

- PDEs

Solving partial differential equations in python.

- Plotting in python

Here, we discuss some basic plotting using matplotlib.

The contents of the blog have been written in Python notebooks. The notebooks can be accessed here.