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Asymmetric simple exclusion processes (ASEP) are stochastic lattice models of particles entering, hopping and leaving the lattice, with hard core interaction between them. Read more

Central limit theorem

Central limit theorem states that sum of independent and identically distributed random numbers approach a Gaussian distribution. Read more


Cython is an attempt to make a superset of python which has the high level coolness of python along with the speed of C. Read more

Data analysis

Some basic data analysis using python has been discussed here. Read more

Gray-Scott reaction–diffusion equation

Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems. Read more

Ising model

Here, Ising model is simulated using Monte Carlo algorithm. Also, discussed is the corresponding hydrodynamic model. Read more


My older notes on statistical physics. Read more


Some techniques to solve ordinary differential equations in python. Read more


Solving partial differential equations in python. Read more

Plotting in python

Here, we discuss some basic plotting using matplotlib. Read more $$ $$

The contents of the blog have been written in Jupyter notebooks. The notebooks can be accessed here.

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