My name is Rajesh Singh. I am a final year graduate student in theoretical physics, working under the supervision of Professor Ronojoy Adhikari at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

The topic of my doctoral research is the study of active colloidal suspensions. We investigate the role of hydrodynamic interaction in determining the collective behavior of active colloids.


2012- PhD, IMSc Chennai
2010-12 MSc, IIT Kanpur
2007-10 BSc, University of Delhi


Fluctuating hydrodynamics and the Brownian motion of an active colloid near a wall
R. Singh and R. Adhikari, Eur. J. Comp. Mech., 2017 (invited article), [arXiv:1702.01403]

Fast Bayesian inference of optical trap stiffness and particle diffusion
S. Bera, S. Paul, R. Singh, D. Ghosh, A Kundu, A Banerjee and R. Adhikari, Sci. Rep. 7, 41638, 2017, [arXiv:1610.00315]

Universal hydrodynamic mechanisms for crystallization in active colloidal suspensions
R. Singh and R. Adhikari, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 228002, 2016, [arXiv:1610.06528]

Generalized Stokes laws for active colloids and their applications
R. Singh and R. Adhikari, [arXiv:1603.05735]

Many-body microhydrodynamics of colloidal particles with active boundary layers
R. Singh, S. Ghose and R. Adhikari, J. Stat. Mech. P06017, 2015, [arXiv:1411.0278]

Phase-plane analysis of driven multi-lane exclusion models
V. Yadav, R. Singh and S. Mukherji, J. Stat. Mech., P04004, 2012, [arXiv:1208.4916]



[rajeshrinet at gmail dot com]
[rsingh at imsc dot res dot in]

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